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"Nothing else is all right. But we are"
Hiya, Lizzie here :) 18 & way too involved with ships, TV & books. I blog about a lot these days since my love for fandoms just keeps growing! Secret Life, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Lairs, Baby Daddy, Melissa & Joey, Days of our lives & Austin & Ally, are among the many TV fandoms I'm involved in. Ricky&Amy, Nathan&Haley, Hannah&Caleb, EJ&Sami, and Austin&Ally are my ships! <3
I love to read; Divergent, Delirium, Hush Hush, & The Fault In Our Stars are among my absolute favorites. Give me my Four&Tris, Alex&Lena, Patch&Nora and Gus&Hazel, and I'm good to go! I'm college bound this year, whoop whoop!!; Being with my friends is one of the best things about life. I love all types of music and aspire to become a writer one day. That's about it, anything else you wanna know hit the ask button :)

Rafe getting choked up over the picture of Ari is making me cry. :(

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